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The Happy Boys Adventures (part 1)

The Happy Boys Adventures (part 1)

Giani Velcreaux - Right Here in Love

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01: Giani on the Riviera (tracklist)
02: Goes to a Steamy Bar (tracklist)
03: Rides a Boat to the BBQ (tracklist)
04: Little Cella's First Italo (tracklist)
05: Forgives the Sommelier (tracklist)
06: Writes a Postcard (tracklist)
07: Salty Seahorse Chanson (tracklist)
08: Altair Nouveau (tracklist)
09: Sees it Sideways (tracklist)
10: Foggy Summer (tracklist)
11: Wading in Winter Blue (tracklist)
12: Out from a Disco Wormhole (tracklist)